The Black Man On The Roof

This creepy experience happened in 2008 while I was working as a nurse at a private hospital in the Visayas region. Our house is several kilometers away from where I was working and always came home late at night. Our neighborhood was a quiet kind. Every afternoon, younger neighbors play basketball in our village’s open …

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Footprints In The Well

This event happened when I was in Grade 6, I think. We are playing with the other kids, one early evening outside our house. We tend to play until 9-10 pm during weekends. We were having fun when suddenly I felt the urge to pee. I don’t get scared easily and I’m so hyper of …

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New House

Our Newly Built House

My family moved here last 2014. Our new house is located in an exclusive subdivision. It is newly built, designed by my brother. It has a garage that can fit 2 vehicles. On the first floor, there are 2 rooms, my parent’s room and the maid’s quarter. We also have a driver’s room but it’s …

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Girl Weeping

The Four In The Morning Weep

This experience of mine took place when I was visiting a site at Paluan Occidental Mindoro here in the Philippines last March 8, 2017. Going there wasn’t a bother since I’m accompanied by one of our staff. Let’s just call her R. To cut the story short, we were entertained by the local officials and …

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The Second Floor Occupant

It was on a particularly long weekend when my husband and I went home to visit his family in Capiz. The province was popularly known to have been the place of paranormal entities and supernatural folklore. Their house is just meters away from the shorelines which I deeply fell in love with the waters. The …

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A Mystery Caller

The Mystery Caller

It was one afternoon, and I was preparing to go to school. I was combing my hair when my phone rang. “Hello.” the usual greetings when someone called you through the phone. It was my friend, she was waiting for me in front of our school’s gate. I was about to go outside when an …

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My Grandpa’s Wake

I could still remember that unforgettable evening I was at the wake of my Grandfather whom we called “tatang”. He’s a very kind and a gentle-mannered grandfather for me and cared for us grandsons. I was in my fourth year high school then, and it was the third wake night of my grandfather when me …

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The Giant Shadow

We were staying at our aunt’s place in a hilly village in Rizal for a time. It was very near the City, but the place is completely suburban. It was a rather sleepy village, where most people we know are retirees. There were also unoccupied houses, one of which is right across ours. We stayed …

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